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What is Full Spectrum?

Full Spectrum CBD Oil vs CBD Isolate

By: Dr. Peter Swanz, board-certified naturopathic physician

Onyx & Rose full spectrum CBD oil contains CBD along with the other naturally occurring cannabinoids (CBG, CBN, and CBC) present in organic hemp. It is possible to purchase a CBD isolate extract that lacks the other cannabinoids and contains only a highly concentrated CBD dose. In a manner similar to the pharmaceutical mentality of the conventional medical system, many early CBD products and studies focused on the CBD isolate. Recently new research has shown that when using CBD isolate it requires a higher dose of CBD to elicit the desired effect, and the dosing window for CBD isolate is much more narrow than the effective dose window for full spectrum CBD extract.

Mother Nature is right again. The synergy of the whole hemp plant and its many constituents is a wiser and more gentle medicine than a single isolated molecule. It requires less overall processing to produce a full spectrum herbal extraction. Which results in a less expensive and more effective product. Couple that with the integrity and consistency that Onyx & Rose ensures with its CBD products and someone wanting to try CBD should feel confident that they are trying a product produced the correct way by the right company.

The human body is constantly turning over cells and rebuilding new cells as we age. When we begin any new practice in our life, we need to allow ourselves a reasonable amount of time to incorporate the new benefits. I always tell patients that with a consistent effort, the most significant changes will take place over a 3 month period. So a 3-month minimum is a reasonable amount of time to see if taking exogenous CBD is a benefit to one’s health. It’s no coincidence Onyx & Rose offers a 90-day satisfaction guarantee.

Dr. Peter Swanz,

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