Demystifying CBD Regulations

If you’ve made a recent purchase from Onyx & Rose, you’ve probably noticed that our transactions are processed internationally. Sometimes this means that our buyers are incurring small ($1 - $3) transaction fees, and sometimes it means that their credit card companies are flagging the purchases as fraudulent. Don’t forget our team is here to help – if you’re encountering problems such as these, contact us and we’ll help make it right!

Processing our transactions internationally is just one way that Onyx & Rose stays on the right side of federal regulations regarding CBD products. These regulations, which were originally created to control marijuana, are outdated and don’t apply to CBD hemp products, which are devoid of THC, the illegal cannabinoid that gets you high. Due to limited scientific research regarding CBD, these regulations remain in place, however they don’t mean that CBD products are dangerous, illegal or questionable.

As Amanda Chicago Lewis, investigative reporter for Rolling Stone, recently told NPR, "The truth is, doctors...aren't really educated about the cannabis plant, this isn't something that gets talked about in medical school. It's a new frontier of research for sure.” And, heretofore, modern research has been hindered by prohibition in this country. That means that, until medical science catches up with common knowledge, the CBD industry will have to abide by the regulations our government has created.

The good news is that CBD products aren’t going anywhere – in fact, CBD is becoming increasingly mainstream as people use it to treat everything from joint inflammation to anxiety – and as the products become more prevalent in pharmacies and wellness centers, regulations will change and evolve. And that’s a really good thing, because as policies change, research will also be able to progress, more will be known about CBD, and we can continuously improve your Onyx & Rose experience.

The important thing to remember is that our hemp-based CBD products are completely free of THC, the illegal cannabinoid that gets you high, and are available without a prescription. However, we would like to take this opportunity to caution you against purchasing CBD products from unknown sources or any company that refuses to share lab certificates, a licensed physician’s recommendation, or information on how their oil is created.

You can get involved in the mission to deregulate CBD by joining respected advocacy groups like Project CBD, Realm of Caring, and Vote Hemp. We also encourage you to research upcoming hemp, cannabis, and CBD legislation in your state, and take a moment to write to your legislators in support of safe CBD products.

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