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Turning over a New Leaf

The start of a new year is the perfect time to set a resolution for growth. Improving wellbeing is the most important resolution for many people, and Onyx & Rose CBD products are a great way to aid in your journey toward wellness. Here are a few things to think about before (and after) you hit the gym.

How are exercise and inflammation related?

Any time you choose to work out, the muscles and tissues in your body will experience microscopic damage. This is what triggers your body’s inflammatory response, activates your body’s repair processes and influences muscle tissues to grow back stronger and more powerful than before. In other words, microscopic muscle damage and inflammation are essential to building muscle. It’s a completely normal process.

But if you find yourself pushing too far, excessive inflammation in your body can lead to serious muscle damage, declining workout performance and results and dangerous exercise injuries.

How can CBD products improve my workout?

Athletes throughout history have found ways to attempt to combat the inflammation brought on by exercise. From consuming anti-inflammatory foods and taking ice-water baths to pharmaceutical approaches like NSAIDs, there is a wide range of options for people looking to deal with inflammation.

Thankfully, we’ve found a much more effective solution. Studies show that CBD has potent anti-inflammatory characteristics. CBD products have been used to treat a number of conditions, with chronic inflammation being the common denominator in many of them. In order to take advantage of these anti-inflammatory properties, a large number of athletes have been turning to CBD for post-workout recovery.

It makes sense. When you reduce the natural inflammation associated with workouts, you improve your post-workout recovery and help ensure your body is prepared for the next one.

Whether you’re looking to improve your workout or aid your journey toward wellness in other ways, Onyx & Rose has a product to fit your needs. The New Year is the perfect time to extract more out of life.