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A better way to craft CBD oils, based on botanical knowledge, scientific skill, and expertise in human health and wellness.

I use this when I’m extra stressed and carrying all that tension in my neck and shoulders – I’ve even used it when I’ve had a sore lower back as well as for cramping during my cycle. I am very amazed with the way the pain subsides and just goes away – never used anything like this. So happy I am able to ditch over the counter pain meds. 

Isis A. 
Bliss Balm Customer

This product is absolutely incredible. After recovering from a major knee surgery & re-injury (of the same knee) over the past year, this product has been an absolute lifesaver. I had gotten to the point of being completely healed but still dealing with some pain and inflammation and thought I would give CBD a try and I am not disappointed! This gives me lots of relief to get through my daily activities while still recovering and working towards as close to 100% recovery as possible. This product is so great for daily use and smells great in the process! 

Natalie M.
Bliss Balm Customer

The quality is amazing! It is far superior to any other brand I have ever tried. I trust this company to provide the best possible quality. It has drastically improved my health symptoms! 

Jillian T.
Full Bloom Customer

For many years I have struggled with insomnia. Always getting restless sleep. Always waking up every couple of hours. I tried everything I could from melatonin to teas and nothing has ever worked. I started noticing a difference in my sleep about a week after using this oil and it has been the best thing I have ever tried. 

Crystal M.
Full Bloom Customer

I’ve always been skeptical about CBD oil as I do suffer from anxiety. Nothing seemed to help but this has overall improved my anxiety & sleep. I have more patience & don’t feel so overwhelmed, it’s a great feeling. This is the only product I recommend. 

Celeste M.
Full Bloom Customer

I was doubtful but am completely blown away! 1st time in 20+ years without back pain! Bought a bottle for my mom for crippling arthritis & she’s seen great improvement.

Tara C.
Full Bloom Customer

I use Full Bloom to help with my rheumatoid arthritis. Every morning I take 2 droppers and within 30 minutes my pain goes away and stays away all day. 

Brooke B.
Full Bloom Customer

This stuff has helped me in so many ways. I am so much more chill, less anxiety, more happy, less back pain, I just cannot explain how important it is to add CBD to your daily intake!

Margaret H.
Full Bloom Customer

I take a dropper full every night and I sleep like a baby. Traditionally, I’ve had issues with insomnia, falling asleep and staying asleep. I also struggle with anxiety. Since I’ve begun taking Pure Bloom nightly, I’ve had no problems sleeping and I’ve noticed a marked decrease in my general anxiety. I feel better, calmer. As a result of the extra rest and decreased anxiety, I’m more productive and focused during the day. 

Savannah G.
Pure Bloom Customer

I was recently diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease. My worst symptoms are terrible neck pain and stiffness, anxiety, anger, and depression. I take one dropper each morning and one each night. Pure Bloom is a lifesaver! It helps keep me calm, it relaxes away my neck pain to the point I can function. I am a Mom of 2 under 3 and I would be ruined without this product! Literally has SAVED me! 

Jessica T.
Pure Bloom Customer

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