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These treats have been our saving grace! Our pup has anxiety when in a car and whines the entire ride (even when it is a 3hr ride). These treats have calmed him down and helped him relax through the rides! Thank you for the amazing product!

Ashley L.
Slow Your Wag Customer

My dog loves these treats. He’s older and since I’ve given him these treats he’s acting so much younger. He has an easier time walking up the stairs which before he’d always avoid them as much as possible. He runs up and down them now. I’ll be a forever customer for myself but also my dog!! I would give these 12/10 if I could. 

Taylor C.
Slow Your Wag Customer

This product is amazing! I have a 15 lb puppy who has never taken a nap outside of her crate because of her hyperness and needs to chew maniacally. Thanks to Slow Your Wag dog treats, my sweet girl now sleeps through the night with me! These treats have been a life-changer. She’s so much happier and peaceful now, and so much more fun to live with. 

Amy S.
Slow Your Wag Customer

My dogs love the flavor of Paws A Moment and it has helped on so many occasions when we have to leave them for a significant amount of time. We also have been giving it to them during thunderstorms or high-stress situations for them and it has seemed to improve the whole situation by a million. 

Brandon M.
Paws A Moment Customer

Calmed One VERY anxious pup! My dog suffers from extreme anxiety and it can be very difficult to calm him down. We started him on Paws A Moment CBD oil and this is now the only thing that helps! Thank you for creating such a wonderful product for my boy!

Chantal F.
Paws A Moment Customer

It really works! My 13-year-old lab suffers from old man aches and pains. Since taking Paws A Moment, he grunts less about his aches, he sleeps better at night and has more energy during the day. 

Claudia W. 
Paws A Moment Customer

Add this to my pup’s food everyday and she loves it. I started using Paws A Moment about 10 months ago when my dog developed a seizure disorder. She has been seizure-free and living her best life thanks to this amazing product!

Amber S.
Paws A Moment Customer

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