10 Ways to Use Lip Crush

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10 Ways to Use Lip Crush

The best things come in the smallest packages, just like the newest addition to the Onyx + Rose family: Lip Crush. A little goes a long way with this lightweight balm guaranteed to give you hydrated and kissable lips throughout the day. But Lip Crush isn’t just for your lips. Get restorative hydration on the go with this multipurpose lip balm designed to soothe dry lips and skin. Here are ten ways we love to use Lip Crush, and we know you will too!

As a Lip Balm

This one is an obvious one, but Lip Crush is great for… your lips! Put it on before bed for a soft and moisturized pout all day. Want an extra plump look? Exfoliate with Start Fresh before applying Lip Crush. With the winter months just around the corner, your lips are the first to dry out. Be sure to keep Lip Crush on hand to avoid a chapped situation.

As a Healing Balm

Keeping a cut or scrape moisturized is the key to healing. Lip Crush is great as a healing balm, helping to seal in moisture and keep infections away. Be sure to clean your cut or scrape first before applying a dab of Lip Crush.

As a Makeup Highlighter

Eye gloss has been a new trend on the runway. Try mixing your eyeshadow with a bit of Lip Crush for a sleek, on-trend look. Get a dewy look by tapping Lip Crush on your cheekbones for a “no makeup” makeup look.

As a Flyaway Tamer

If you’re out and about with no hair product to tame flyaways, just use a little Lip Crush to smooth things out. A little goes a long way to help you get the perfectly pulled back bun or ponytail.

On your Nail Beds

There’s nothing worse than dry cuticles in the cold winter months. Use Lip Crush on your nail beds before you get your beauty sleep, and you’ll have soft cuticles when you wake up.

As a Hand Lotion

Don’t worry about bringing one more thing in your purse. Throw Lip Crush in your bag and use it as a lotion for dry hands. Put a little in your palms and rub it together to get it warm and pliable.

As a Makeup Remover

Got a little crazy trying to get the perfect winged liner? Put a little Lip Crush on a q-tip and clean up the makeup around your eyes. Bonus: your eye area will be nice and hydrated!

To Soothe your Skin

Have a cold? Put a little Lip Crush around your nose to protect it from getting dried out and red after using a tissue.

Soothe a Sunburn

Being proactive with a sunburn is the best way to help heal it. Put a little bit on it at the first signs of redness during the cold winter months. Make sure to reapply to keep the area moisturized to avoid peeling! Bring Lip Crush on your next camping, beach, or ski trip.

On your Most Sensitive Areas

Lip Crush is great for a new mom who is nursing for areas that may be a little extra sensitive. Try using Lip Crush after feeding to help soothe the area.

These tips are just the beginning of how you can use our on-the-go favorite, Lip Crush. Let us know what clever + creative ways you find to use this multipurpose lip balm by tagging us on your Instagram stories!