A CBD Product For Every Kind of Mom

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A CBD Product For Every Kind of Mom

Mother’s Day is a day to honor all women. Motherly love comes in many forms, and every source of it is worth celebrating. From stepmoms to fur moms to your bestie with toddlers, we believe that there is a CBD product that can elevate every wellness ritual. No matter who you choose to celebrate, they deserve the best. We’re showcasing our top CBD picks for each kind of mom to help you show the love this Mother’s Day.

For the One Who Is #Fitnessgoals

She is on her fitness game, and then some. This is the woman who is a Zumba queen, crushes barre classes, gets her zen on at hot yoga, or casually does a 5K on a Saturday. We admire her for prioritizing her wellness and pushing herself! This is the kind of Mom who is known for doing the most and knows the role that taking care of herself plays in how well she is able to care for others. She’s proactive and gets things done, but she might need the occasional reminder that taking time to relax and practice self-care is also valuable. Give her a reason to relax with Bliss Balm that will melt away her stress and ease post-workout soreness. Chances are, it’ll become the newest staple product on her bathroom vanity.

For For the Full-Time Hustler

She’s busy, and she doesn’t really make a big deal about how much she is constantly doing for everyone around her. This is for the lady who is committed to her career, keeps things organized for the people at home, and makes everyone in her life feel important and valued no matter how busy she actually is. Our Bright Side capsules are a natural fit for her since she’s always on the go. She can toss them in her bag for busy days, and won’t have to worry about consistency or adjusting her serving size. If your mom is the type of person who spreads sunshine in your life, Bright Side capsules are sure to spark joy for her.

For the Fur Mom

Her insta-story always features her fur child, and literally no one is mad about it. In fact, she also plays MOMager for her pup’s solo Instagram. Whether she spends her evenings at the dog park or cuddled on the couch obeying her kitties’ commands, this fur mom makes sure that her pet always lives their best life. Help your favorite pooch chill out with our Slow Your Wag dog treats, or spoil the most precious pet in your life with Paws a Moment pet oil that can be given to dogs or cats. When Fido’s happy, so is his mama.

For the One Who Needs a Minute

A lot of women tend to focus on those around them rather than pampering themselves, and we think that gifting CBD to someone who deserves it in your life is the perfect reminder for her to care for herself + enjoy a moment that’s just for her. Consider gifting her Pure Bloom CBD oil. It’s our bestseller, and for good reason. It’s the perfect way to give your mom, step-mom, grandma, or soul sister a gift that has the potential to make her feel better. Our CBD oils, including Pure Bloom, are also well suited for those who are new to CBD because of the flexible serving sizes that can be adjusted over time. Every mom is unique, and we believe that every wellness ritual is too. Help hers the best it can be.

Celebrate Your Way

Whoever you celebrate, and however you choose to do it, don’t be afraid to make the holiday your own. This Mother’s Day is going to be different for a lot of us, given that most people are still navigating stay-at-home orders and practicing social distancing. Let those who you want to celebrate + honor know how much you appreciate them. Call the aunt who was always there for you. Reconnect with your high school friend who has young kids. Show your grandma how to Zoom for the first time. Sometimes, the best gift is just a simple and heartfelt thank you for everything they’ve done to help you become the person you are now. That’s a journey worth celebrating.