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Beat Dry Winter Skin with Onyx + Rose CBD Skincare

4 min read

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Dry winter skin is basically the worst, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Wintertime in cooler climates can be a recipe for itchy and dry skin. As the air temperature drops, humidity levels also take a hit—the less humidity in the air, the dryer your skin. Harsh wind and drying indoor heat can make it even harder for your skin’s protective barrier to stay hydrated. All skin types, including oily complexions, are prone to feeling the effects when you crank up the heat. Simply put, cold winter weather is just not ideal for thriving, glowing skin. We’re taking a look at how best to use our skincare products this season for nourished + healthy skin all winter long.

Understanding Why 

Dry winter skin isn’t your fault. There’s actually a vicious cycle at play that can be tough to break but can be improved by better understanding the challenge you’re up against. Lower temperatures and the resulting hit on humidity make it drier outside. Add to that indoor heating, and you’ll quickly see that any environment you’re spending time in is dryer during the winter. So, how does this affect your skin? Our skin’s topmost layer, known as the stratum corneum, acts as a shield to protect your skin from environmental elements. It also plays a key role in helping your skin retain moisture. Harsh weather conditions lead to the stratum corneum drying out, making us susceptible to irritation, flakiness, and overall unhappy skin. 

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

Once your skin’s protective barrier is damaged, it loses its effectiveness in trapping moisture in. It makes sense to choose products that support your skin barrier and help break the vicious cycle of dry winter skin. One of the simplest ways to combat dry winter skin is to ramp up your moisturizing game. Reach for ultra-hydrating ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and glycerin when you can. These humectants pull moisture from the air into the skin, which is especially helpful in the winter since your skin is losing moisture at a more rapid pace than usual. Layering in a moisturizing antioxidant serum can work wonders if your skin starts to look dull + dry. Our do-it-all serum, Glow Complex, is deeply hydrating and fast-absorbing, making it the perfect step before your daily application of Dew the Most and sunscreen. 

Keep It Smooth

Moisturizers and serums are great, but dry skin will stay dry without some light exfoliation. The key here is to focus on gentle exfoliation since the last thing you want to do is further irritate (or worse, cause damage to) your disrupted skin barrier. Buffing away dead, flaky skin cells also clears the way for your other skincare products and allows them to penetrate the skin and get to work. Our top pick, Start Fresh, is made with eco-friendly beads that provide light, yet effective, daily exfoliation. Hydrating glycerin is a welcome addition, while CBD is thoughtfully included to offset any irritation caused by the act of washing your face. 

Give Your Day Cream a Boost

Take a look at your bathroom vanity, and you’re likely to find a product or two that you may have overlooked in the past. That night cream that felt too heavy in the summer might be worth adding back into your skincare routine. Moisturizing ingredients can be broken down into three groups: humectants, which draw in moisture, emollients, which can help soften the skin, and occlusives, which provide a protective seal over skin and lock in hydration. Thicker creams are more likely to feature occlusive ingredients that can make a world of difference for dry winter skin. If you need serious hydration, put your night cream to work around the clock by swapping it out with your daily moisturizer. Our top seller, Overnight It, might be made to work its magic while you sleep but can also do wonders as the last step to your daytime routine.