CBD & Social Anxiety

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CBD & Social Anxiety

We’ve all been there. Sometimes you’re the life of the party. Sometimes You. Just. Can’t. It seems like a great idea to say you’re in for tacos and margs when your girlfriends are blowing up the group chat. But when the evening rolls around after a busy day at work, being behind on your personal to-do list, or not getting enough rest, making an effort to show up is pretty much the last thing you want to do. You might think, “How can I get out of this?” or feel relieved when someone else bails. The truth is: Everybody feels that way. And if you see a pattern in your desire to flake out, there’s a chance that part of what you’re experiencing is Social Anxiety.

Science Says So

Social Anxiety is the third most commonly reported mental health care condition in the world. Not to be all “epidemiological” about it, but the latest government epidemiological data shows that Social Anxiety affects about 7% of the population at any given time. The lifetime prevalence rate (Translation: the chances of developing a Social Anxiety Disorder at some point in your life) stands slightly above 13%. So, you aren’t alone. Definitely not. Anxiety-related disorders affect a huge segment of our population —40 million adults (18%) in the United States ages 18 and older. That’s a lot of canceled dates and missed brunches.

How To Enjoy The Things You Enjoy (But Don’t Always Feel Like Enjoying)

The thing about Social Anxiety is that it keeps you away from experiences you would genuinely enjoy most of the time. We all need companionship, a circle of friends, and the healing power of laughter and conversation—and you can’t get that if Social Anxiety constantly puts you back in your pajama pants and on the couch binging Netflix. The term “Social Anxiety Disorder” (SAD for short) covers a lot of situations, and while it could be as minor as the occasional missed baby shower, sometimes it can lead to chronic loneliness and isolation, which scientists believe can contribute to a shortened lifespan.

Big Pharma Isn’t The Only Option

When looking for ways to make anxiety more manageable, prescription medications are often the first line of treatment. “SSRIs” have helped lots of people but many find them ineffective, don’t particularly like the side effects, are wary of their potential for addiction, or would just prefer to try a natural alternative. Embracing a holistic wellness routine that combines practices such as mindfulness, a healthy diet, cutting triggering substances like caffeine and alcohol, getting proper sleep, and supplementing the naturally occurring endocannabinoid system with exogenous CBD are options that may help some people find some relief from anxiety and potentially avoid pharmaceuticals altogether. Lifestyle changes can make a big difference for people whose anxiety is impacted by factors such as a lack of exercise, an unhealthy diet, and poor stress management. It may be worth adjusting lifestyle factors rather than turning to pharmaceutical pills as the first line of treatment. Treating the symptom, not the cause is worth a shot—and CBD is one way to embrace that approach.

The Research Is In

It’s helped you relax at home. It can do the same in social situations. Scientists believe that CBD has powerful anti-anxiety properties. Even better, it appears safe in larger servings, is well-tolerated by humans, and may be beneficial for several anxiety-related disorders, including Social Anxiety. Brazilian researchers conducted a small double-blind study of patients with Social Anxiety. After taking CBD, participants reported a significant decrease in anxiety, confirmed by brain scans showing cerebral blood flow patterns consistent with an anti-anxiety effect.

Say you have a touch of Social Anxiety. What’s your “worst nightmare situation?” For a lot of people, public speaking comes to mind immediately. In another small study, researchers had patients experiencing Social Anxiety Disorder perform a simulated public speaking test. Pretreatment with CBD resulted in patients exhibiting significantly less anxiety, and the findings were supported by observing common anxiety indicators like heart rate and blood pressure. Researchers concluded that “[CBD] significantly reduced anxiety, cognitive impairment, and discomfort in their speech performance,” whereas the placebo group experienced “higher anxiety, cognitive impairment, [and] discomfort.” Scientists are pushing for larger, more conclusive studies focusing on CBD and social anxiety, and seem optimistic that CBD shows a “promising indication of a rapid onset of therapeutic effect in patients with SAD.”

If it can do that, we’re sure it can get you through meeting the boyfriend’s parents or dinner with the boss.

Let’s Hear From The Real Experts: Our Customers

Our customers’ stories are real, and they matter. But before we showcase reviews from Onyx + Rose customers who saw improvement for their Social Anxiety, it’s important to note a couple of things. Every person has a unique makeup of their endocannabinoid system, and receptor expression if different from person to person. You can think of this as being as unique to you as your fingerprint. Everyone’s results from CBD are different, and the testimonials we’re sharing apply only to the individuals depicted, cannot be guaranteed, and should not be considered typical. That said, all of these stories are from regular, paying customers just like you.

“I used to get high anxiety before school or going into public places where I knew there would be a lot of people. After reading reviews on this, I decided to give it a shot. It has worked very well, and it allows me to sleep peacefully as well. Thank you !!!! I definitely will recommend it.” – Lisette R., verified Onyx + Rose customer

“Love this product! I wanted something to calm my Social Anxiety but not make me feel high or foggy, and it’s helped me so much!” – Amanda D., verified Onyx + Rose customer

“I have been taking an antidepressant (that doesn’t really work) for anxiety/panic for over a year, and finally I decided to try CBD oil after seeing so many great reviews. I’m SO glad that I did! This stuff really works. I have completely gotten off my medication, and I only use 10mg of the oil under my tongue every night. Please please try this if you have anxiety/panic attacks because it truly works, even better than prescription medication. I was very skeptical at first and worried about what it would do to me, but there were no side effects, and I saw results within a week!” – Anna M., verified Onyx + Rose customer

“I’ve never found any natural ways to calm my anxiety, the only thing that ever worked was Valium, but with addiction running in my family, I didn’t want to lean on that for daily support. I saw great reviews for this product and gave it a shot. The first night of use, I noticed I slept through the night. After a week, I noticed I hadn’t had any anxiety attacks or any anxiety above a 3 on a scale of 1-10. That level of Anxiety is basically zero for me! I couldn’t be happier. I’m still using this product every day and love it!” – Torres, verified Onyx + Rose customer

We’re All Friends Here

People need people, and a daily serving of CBD has the potential to help you fully engage with those around you while keeping anxiety at bay. Incorporating Onyx + Rose Pure Bloom Mint or Bright Side capsules into your health and wellness routine every morning or evening may help some people live a more well-rounded and emotionally balanced life. It’s a small change that may have a significant impact on your physical and emotional health.