Celebrating American Business Women's Day

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Celebrating American Business Women's Day

Working women’s lives are busier than ever, especially if we don’t have the option of quitting our other “jobs” as busy moms, chauffeur, chef de cuisine and general organizer of stuff at home. To honor the many women in business who contribute so much at work — and somehow make all the rest of it work — we celebrate American Business Women’s Day today. You are leaders, valued colleagues, innovators, and you get things done.

To celebrate, we decided to spend some time with one of our favorite entrepreneurs and do-it-all ladies: Katy Hearn. She’s the founder of Onyx & Rose, and a self-made health, fitness, and wellness maven. Among her ongoing successful business ventures are, of course, Onyx & Rose, but also Alani Nu, FIT by Katy, and her own Katy Hearn gym.

We sat down to talk to her about her experience as an up-and-coming American businesswoman.

You’re such an essential part of the Onyx & Rose brand. What drew you to CBD?

I’m very open-minded and I’ve always prioritized self-education. So, when I heard of CBD, I was immediately like “what’s that? Tell me more.” And the more I learned, the more I appreciated it as a natural part of exercise recovery, relaxation, and general well-being for women.

Why Onyx & Rose, and what informs how you set up your brands?

What women look for in products and actually go for is simple: honesty and transparency. I didn’t see many companies focusing on that or focusing on women. That was something I wanted for Onyx & Rose and am very proud of what we’re doing.

Women are underestimated in the workplace and business far too often. Have you ever dealt with that?

To be honest, I’m too busy running my businesses to worry about what people think or don’t think of me. At the end of the day, they can judge me by the results.

Your rise from just a personal Insta to track your fitness journey to all these brands and exciting opportunities is kind of a trip. What have you learned on the journey?

If you stay true to yourself, you can do anything. I fully believe that as long as I stay true to myself and trust my gut, I can accomplish anything! And that’s true for any woman in business.

Now, ideas and opportunities must present themselves daily. How do you know when to bless an idea or just move on?

There’s a reason why more women are becoming the top decision-makers at work. Intuition matters. Don’t doubt yourself. Be comfortable saying “no” if something doesn’t feel right. More opportunities will come, and it’s best not to waste your energy on one that isn’t right.

Let’s get back to Onyx & Rose and CBD: Do you use CBD in your own life?

Our capsules are a part of my daily routine. The balm is the best after working out. I also love a relaxing bath bomb to unwind and de-stress.

How do you manage all this growth, being pulled in a thousand directions, and everything on your plate?

If you’re in business, you have to choose good people and let them step up and be more involved in the day-to-day operations. I’ve had to remember that I need to work on the business and let other people work in the business.

What’s one piece of advice for someone who has a dream or idea, but isn’t sure where to start?

Just start! Get to know your audience and understand their needs and before you know it, you’ve got a brand.

That’s awesome. It’s American Business Women’s Day, so hopefully, you’ve inspired a whole new generation of American Business Women with your story.

I would love to think so!

Thanks so much for spending time with us. What’s next for Katy Hearn?

Right now? Moving to Florida!  But going forward, it’s continuing to listen closely to how we can share with our followers’ health and well-being options we trust and use ourselves, like Onyx & Rose.

That was Katy Hearn, Onyx & Rose founder, entrepreneur, fitness and wellness expert, and just an all-around awesome person. You can follow Katy on Instagram at @katyhearnfit where you’ll find product recommendations, workout tips and inspiration, and the occasional photo of her husband Haydn and baby Axel. Check out her other brands Alani Nu, and FIT By Katy.

And as always, thanks for making Onyx & Rose a part of your life.