Gemini’s Wellness Guide

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Gemini’s Wellness Guide

Geminis are the shiniest stars in our constellation. During their season, we thought it’d only be right to give them the spotlight that they deserve (and desire). Everyone needs a little bit of curated wellness in their lives, so Geminis, consider this Wellness Guide our birthday gift to you.

A Little Bit About Geminis

Geminis are air signs born between May 21 - June 20. Geminis are typically the busiest people you know and have a key role in each group that they’re in. Sometimes, Geminis get misconstrued as being two-faced, but in all actuality, they just have a lot going on and have learned how to wear many different hats. Because of this, they can talk to anyone about anything and thrive in social situations. A good way to think of a Gemini is to think of someone who’s the outgoing life of the party but only means business at work.  

Gemini’s Wellness Needs

In the collective 45 minutes a day that you reserve for unwinding, try prioritizing wellness, Gemini. You need a social reset. We know that’s probably the last thing that you want to do in your limited free time, but you have to schedule time to check in with yourself and prioritize your own needs. Once you do that, the party can continue. 

As we said, we know your time is limited. So, we won’t give you too many extra things to add to your schedule. The first thing you can start with is CBD. We think you’ll love our coffee-flavored CBD oils, you’re probably a coffee connoisseur yourself given that you’re always after your next source of caffeine to keep your social battery full. CBD is known to help your mind unwind + decompress while supporting your body with anti-inflammatory benefits. You can take this at any time of day, whenever is most convenient for you, busy bee!

Once you’ve got your CBD ritual down, try some meditation to go with it. If sitting down and being still for 15 minutes isn’t your vibe, that’s okay! All you need to do is find time to center yourself and practice deep breathing. Journaling to organize some of your thoughts after you do your version of meditation wouldn’t hurt, either. 

Plus Some Fun Stuff

It wouldn’t be a Gemini Wellness Guide without something fun included. The life of the party role is something that you’re good at. So we don’t want to slow you down. We want to enhance your social life a bit more. 

First and foremost, you’ve got to make it to the party. We know that you’ll go and push through even if you’re exhausted from a busy day of being you. Or, you can try one of our Morning Person energy gummies and be full of all the energy that slips away from you during the day. These gummies have a subtle blend of natural ingredients like L-theanine and green tea extract which help to give you a push without giving you uncomfortable caffeine jitters.

Lastly, who shows up to a party empty-handed? Definitely not a Gemini. Be the life of the party and then some with our Feelin’ Good Delta 9 or HHC gummies. Trust us, your friends will love you even more than they already do.

Enjoy the season of you + wellness, Gemini!