How Does CBD Support Healthy Skin?

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How Does CBD Support Healthy Skin?

Revised Feb. 2023

One of the areas where the effects of CBD shines the brightest is skincare. 

So how does CBD work with your skin and why should you incorporate it into your daily ritual? Here’s what you need to know about why healthy skin + CBD go hand-in-hand. 

The Science: CBD & The Skin

Our skin’s endocannabinoid system works just like that of the body. It’s continually striving for a state of equilibrium and balance. When cannabinoid receptors are activated, they regulate the skin’s normal function as a barrier. We know that the epidermis has a dense network of CB1 and CB2 receptors. CBD interacts with these pathways across the epidermis and dermis for a range of regulatory functions + potential benefits. Due to the skin’s regulating and balancing abilities, CBD may be helpful for a wide variety of skin types and conditions.

How can CBD Support Healthy Skin?

Studies suggest that CBD retains antioxidant properties, which help to combat the oxidative stress caused by free radicals, which are unstable atoms that can damage your cells. When you incorporate a product with antioxidants, like our CBD skincare products, the anti-aging properties of the antioxidants help to prevent this damage. Typically free radicals affect your skin by causing signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, and loose skin. Using a product high in antioxidants is a great first step in a daily skincare routine. 

Another reason that CBD is loved in the skincare game is due to its anti-inflammatory benefits. Several common skin conditions are the result of inflammation, making CBD a helpful tool for soothing skin. We break down all the ways that CBD can assist with inflammation in our blog post here. 

CBD may also play a vital role in helping to slow down the process of collagen loss, keeping skin looking more youthful, firm, and lifted. CBD helps to bring balance to your complexion, which can help in battling symptoms of aging skin like dryness, redness, and discoloration. 

CBD may also aid in balancing sebum production, which is an oil your skin naturally produces to keep itself moisturized. However, this natural oil can quickly become problematic for your skin. Oily skin, dead skin cells, and an imbalance of hormones can all lead to pore-clogging sebum. A 2016 study published in Experimental Dermatology found that CBD can play a role in reducing sebum production, in turn keeping your skin bright and healthy-looking. 

How can you incorporate CBD into your skincare routine?

Combining the benefits of CBD with other powerful skincare ingredients can create a skin-perfecting combination. Starting off with a gentle exfoliating cleanser will not only scrub dead skin cells away but won’t strip your skin of its natural oils. Our Start Fresh cleanser contains 25 MG of CBD, helping to calm your skin right from the beginning. 

The key to any skincare routine is a multitasking serum, like Glow Complex. Combining antioxidant properties with hydrating Hyaluronic acid will plump skin and create a glow from within.

Hydration is key for all skin types, even oily skin! A lightweight moisturizer, like Dew the Most, is powerful enough to provide all-day hydration, but won’t clog your pores. CBD combined with ingredients like nourishing fatty acids, hydrating glycerin, and a high-performance anti-aging peptide known as palmitoyl tripeptide-37, can give your skin a healthy + hydrated look and feel.

When your skin goes into renewal mode at night, it’s important to keep it moisturized and nourished. A rich nighttime mask, like Overnight It, can help regenerate skin. This mask has 70mg of CBD, working in tandem with the skin’s natural restorative processes at night to help you wake up with refreshed + luxurious skin.

Nobody likes adding an extra step to their already long to-do list, that’s why we formulated our CBD skincare products to elevate your existing skincare ritual, as opposed to adding to it. We firmly believe that CBD is the first step to healthy, happy, glowing skin. Ready to start your own CBD skincare ritual? Click here to get started.