Keeping Your Calm Among the Chaos

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Keeping Your Calm Among the Chaos

Right now, it’s a time to be gentle with ourselves and look within. It’s a time to stick together, to treat each other with kindness and compassion, and to find the silver lining no matter what. At Onyx + Rose, we’re proud of the community we’ve built. It’s one that’s centered on coming together, knowing there are aspects of our lives that we want to improve, and seeking that change. Community is everything to us, and we’re here to remind you that whatever you’re going through, we care and that you’re not alone in how you might feel.

For the majority of folks staying home at the moment, you might be thinking “Well, now what?” Here are some ways you can make the most of this time, and spend it in a way that you’ll actually feel good about.

Get a Head Start on Spring Cleaning

You know that shelf in your closet that stacked with things you don’t use? It’s time to pull everything into a pile, sort through each thing one by one, and evaluate whether to hang onto or let go of each item by asking questions like “Will I ever wear this again?” and “When was the last time I actually used this?” You might find that when your answers to these questions aren’t that convincing, letting go is much easier. Sometimes, the reasons why we hang onto certain things is less about the object itself, and more about a deeper yearning or desire. Take some time to think about why you feel attached to the things you own, and whether those attachments are valid and bring you joy, or are rooted in insecurity. That tiny swimsuit from a decade ago might not fit again, and that’s perfectly okay. Create room for the life you want and who you are becoming, and you’ll feel a load come off your shoulders that you didn’t even know was there.

Finish That DIY Project You’ve Been Putting off

Raise your hand if you’ve ever seen a stunning DIY project on Pinterest, convinced yourself you could conquer it, and then your motivation sort of tapered off mid-project. We’ve all been there and ignoring that half baked project in the corner of a room never feels great. That IKEA hack that you never quite finished is calling your name once again. Plus, there’s a good chance that you have whatever you need to finish the job tucked away in the house. All of the problem solving and resourceful thinking that goes into making something with your own two hands is always an amazing feeling. Finishing a project will boost your sense of accomplishment, and you won’t have to ignore that dreaded corner anymore.

Get Creative in the Kitchen

Fire up the Chopped kitchen, because it’s time to get creative. You probably have a stockpile of odds and ends in your freezer and pantry, and there’s no better time than now to think up clever and creative ways to make snacks and meals. If you’re someone who loves to cook, but feel pressed for time in your day to day to whip up meals, you can get back in the kitchen and rekindle that hobby. If cooking isn’t your forte, you might enjoy picking up a few new cooking techniques that will elevate your kitchen game. No matter what, there’s truly nothing better than a warm, home-cooked meal. Being able to make one for yourself will feel comforting, cozy, and help you feel better in any circumstance.

Take Time for Some Professional Development

Think about your professional goals. A lot of us have come across ways to stay ahead of the pack at work, but it’s tough to spend your personal time after hours or on the weekends doing more work. Read up on the latest in your industry. Browse forums and join online communities that are often goldmines of knowledge. If there’s a certification or class that could benefit you in the long run, it’s worth the effort. Whatever professional development or passion project has been on your back burner deserves some love.

Don’t Forget to Get Some Sunshine

We get it, social distancing often equates to staying at home. But you don’t have to restrict yourselves to staying indoors 24/7. Use your patio and get some much-needed vitamin D. Take your sweet pup for a hike and get your heart rate up. Tackle that gardening project that’s definitely going to be a hassle this season. Connecting with nature can help you feel grounded in any circumstance.

Stay Connected. We’re All in This Together.

Remember that you’re not in this alone. Even though a lot of us might feel isolated and miss our daily interactions, there’s a communal aspect to the current environment. The community we’ve all built together is intended to withstand the good times, the bad, and everything in between. Let’s make use of the resources we have to stay in touch, stay informed, and do small things that will make life in a few weeks a little bit easier. Facetime your girlfriends. Relish the time you’re spending with your family and pets. Look inward and focus on yourself. And above all, let’s get through this together.