Start A Happiness Habit: Establishing Your CBD Ritual

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Start A Happiness Habit: Establishing Your CBD Ritual

Establishing healthy rituals and making time to prioritize your wellness is one of the most important ways you can sustain lifelong wellbeing. Dr. Peter Swanz, ND, is a naturopathic doctor with a particular passion for self-healing and solutions to medical issues that are grounded in both nature and an understanding of the “whole person” approach. He’s an advocate and advisor for Onyx + Rose CBD products and their implications for overall wellbeing. We asked him to weigh in with some advice on how we can get started making good choices and keep the good going.

Changing Your Mindset

One thing that stops many people from making healthy changes and forming new habits is this idea of “work.” Our journey to a state of health should be viewed as an adventure rather than a job. Because we dedicate an inordinate amount of time to our jobs, anything we pile on outside of the job often falls under a similar perspective. This mindset of “everything is work” keeps you from doing things for yourself. We often stumble through our day and limit ourselves from the chance of uncovering, creating, and embracing something new and meaningful for ourselves. Once you take your wellness ritual into your own hands, you’ll see how empowering it feels to make time for yourself and prioritize your wellbeing. Your body and mind will thank you.

Getting Started

So, you’ve taken the first step in starting your CBD ritual, but maintenance is key. Think of your wellness ritual as a cumulative plan rather than an overnight fix. Practice “The 21/90 Rule,” which is the idea that, if you do something for 21 days, you’ve essentially formed a routine. Once you hit the 21-day mark, you continue for another 90 days to lock-in that behavior as a habit. It’s a simple theory. Many things that are required to transform our health are simple to describe, yet often not so easy to put into practice.

The Keys to a Successful CBD Ritual

CBD can be a catalyst for a holistic health transformation. Here are a few ways to get your new habit to stick. The ideas laid out here can help you make any positive change in your life.

There are a few ways you can set yourself up for success if you want to incorporate CBD into your wellness regimen but aren’t sure how. Here’s how to get the ball rolling:

  1. PLAN. Determine your why and plan around it. Are you exploring CBD in hopes of getting a better night’s sleep or brighter skin? Or maybe your goal is to find a sense of grounding calmness throughout busy days. Maybe it isn’t for you at all and is actually for your four-legged pal who could afford to chill out. Whatever your why is, identify it and plan accordingly. Set a reminder on your phone or schedule it the way you would a meeting. Making time for your ritual will help you stay consistent and aware of its effects.

  2. MAKE IT EASY TO REINFORCE AND REMEMBER. Decide where you will keep your CBD products for easy access and hopefully, as a daily reminder to use them. Think about your evening routine as you wind down and prepare for bed. Is your nightstand the best place to keep it? Or how about your bathroom counter as you start your day? Do you make a relaxing cup of tea every night before bed? If so, keeping it with your tea supplies might be a good choice. If you’re picking up a skincare routine, consider displaying your O+R products on a cute tray showcasing your favorites.  The key will be to have your CBD visible every morning or night.

  3. TREAT YOURSELF. Consider scheduling some small reward for encouragement along the way. After making it through the first 21 days would be a perfect reward spot. Too often, people want to have rewards and cheat days that don’t align with their goals — for example, splurging on some junk food and sweets when you have done a good job sticking to your diet. Instead, try making the reward something that is in alignment with the bigger goal. Loving your CBD results after 21 days? Think about what else you can do to make your wellness regimen top notch. Get yourself cute workout gear that will actually get you excited to head to the gym. Commit to spending a little bit more on organic produce. Boost your mood by doing something positive for others. There’s a lot of small and unexpected ways you can treat yourself without being indulgent.

One Last Thing: Be Patient With Yourself

So, you’re trying to stick with this thing, being disciplined and trying to stay consistent despite the stress of your day-to-day routine. Yet, sometimes, the benefits are not immediately apparent. Adding 25 to 50 mg of CBD oil won’t solve systemic inflammation and aches, pains, and fatigue overnight. But, we here at Onyx + Rose want you to know: the reward is coming. Stay with it and be patient, and soon you’ll be reaping the rewards of committing to a healthier routine.

You’re on the Way to a Better You

If you want to make a lasting change in your life and your health, think of it as a new healthy priority, an investment in yourself, and not just another chore. Prepare to invest some time and effort to lock in the new behaviors as habits. Make sure that you have everything you need to be successful. Establish a game plan that will make it easier to stay compliant with your objectives. If you want to reward yourself for progress along the way, utilize rewards that are in alignment with the long term goals. And be patient with the process. The best is yet to come.