Strength Is in Season

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Strength Is in Season

Designed Just for You

If you haven’t heard us say it before, Onyx + Rose is on a mission to share the therapeutic benefits of 100% American and organically grown, thoughtfully formulated and smartly styled CBD products with the people we believe they can help most (and by most we mean “just about everyone”).

But, as much thought as we put into our product, we’re also always thinking about you.  We know that, while we’re obsessive and dialed in about our product, not everyone has that same level of knowledge or time to become a CBD expert. Figuring out the size, strength and delivery method that works best for you can seem overwhelming, and there’s a lot of competitive noise in the market that only makes it harder to understand.

So, we kept it simple from the start: Our 1000mg product is a great entry point for most people and allows them to become accustomed to and comfortable with CBD. But some of you are ready for more—and so are we.

We Aren’t Just Thinking About You. We’re Listening.

So, what if you’re not “most people?” While we try to tailor everything that wears the Onyx + Rose name in a way that’s pleasing to both long-term fans and new-found friends, we’ve heard from quite a few of you that you’d love to see a more potent and higher-concentrated offering.

Coming on Black Friday, we’re unveiling something that should thrill you in a way that no door-busting midnight bargain ever could.

Our First Higher-Strength 2000mg Offering. Right for You?

Full Bloom+ Mint and Pure Bloom+ Mint will soon be available as 2000mg offerings. The quality and commitment to purity remain the same but will be available in a more concentrated and more convenient serving. Could it be right for you and your wellness ritual? Let’s chat.

Does Your CBD Routine Need a Little Plus?

For those needing more support for more serious conditions, higher serving sizes may contribute to better wellbeing. A 2000mg tincture would give you even more flexibility to adjust your serving size as needed. Since it’s twice as potent, you have twice as much ability to tailor your serving per dropper every single time you take your CBD.

Love Your CBD Routine? Keep It!

If a 1000mg “standard” serving size is working for you, you can simply take a half dropper (0.5mL) of Full Bloom+ or Pure Bloom+. And, the higher potency bottle should last you about twice as long as our standard 2 oz. bottle, save you money and the time spent reordering. Not to mention, the overall environmental impact goes down with higher potency product since there are less packaging and shipping involved. It’s good for you, and for the earth.

Same Size Bottle, Twice the Effect.

You might ask yourself if 1000mg comes in a 2oz bottle, shouldn’t 2000mg come in a 4oz bottle?

Good question. The answer is it’s all about concentration, not volume when it comes to CBD. We kept the 2oz bottle size that you already know and love but doubled the strength. The volume of the carrier oil (MCT) is the same, but the potency of CBD is doubled. When trying to determine if a CBD oil product is a good value,  the important number is the milligrams of CBD, not the overall ounces of the product. A 1 ounce, 500mg product and a 2 ounce, 1000mg product are equivalent in terms of their strength. It makes sense then that our 2 ounce, 2000mg product is twice the strength of our 2 ounce 1000mg product.

If that’s too much math, think of it this way: One dropper is doing twice the work. There’s no need to double up with this product because it should have twice the effect as a 1mL serving of 1000mg CBD.

Sounds Great. Why Shouldn’t I Start With the Highest Possible Concentration?

This product is intended to have greater potency for those with a greater need, like people with acute symptoms or chronic conditions. If you’re still building up your tolerance and finding the right level of CBD for your wellness, we’d still suggest a smaller serving size (25-50mg a day for most people) to start. Starting with a lower serving is a good way to find the threshold where a CBD wellness regimen works perfectly for you. Starting with the higher serving may give you the desired effect, but during the process of becoming acclimated to CBD, your body may respond equally well to a much smaller serving. It’s all a matter of things like weight, biochemistry, and metabolism. Should you choose our 2000mg product, you’ll save money by going slowly with a quarter or half dropper until you find your ideal serving size.

Full vs Pure Bloom

“Should I take Full Bloom or Pure Boom” is always one of our most frequently asked questions. The most important thing to know is that Full Bloom contains trace amounts (0.3% or less) of THC, while Pure Bloom is 100% THC free. Both products may help relieve stress, reduce inflammation, improve mood, and support more restful sleep, but only Full Bloom can provide the “Entourage Effect” to its fullest extent.

What’s the Entourage Effect Again?

The Entourage Effect happens when the various compounds in hemp work together to create a synergistic effect that offers more benefits to the human body than any single compound alone.

FYI: It All Comes Down to THC

Our recommendation is that if you’re open to a trace amount of THC, give Full Bloom or Full Bloom+  a try and enjoy the full range of therapeutic effects the hemp plant provides. But, if THC is a no go for you, Pure Bloom totally fits the bill. Either way, we offer a 90-day guarantee, so you can have peace of mind when giving our products a try.

That Onyx + Rose Difference. Coming Soon in a Higher Concentration.

You asked. We delivered. We love getting feedback from our friends and customers, especially when they result in the launch of an all-new product like our 2000mg Full Bloom+ and Pure Bloom+. If you have any more terrific ideas for Onyx + Rose products you’d like to see, we always listen. Hit us up anytime with suggestions, questions or just to say “hi.”