Summertime Skincare Tips

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Summertime Skincare Tips

As the seasons’ change, so does our skin. Do you ever feel like you break out more in the warmer months? As the temperature rises, so does oil production on your skin, meaning you can skip the intense moisturizers and reach for the exfoliants to avoid breakouts. While some skincare steps are standard year-round, summertime calls for some adjustments to your routine so we’ve pulled together the top tips for perfect glowy Summer skin.

Add an Antioxidant

Not only do serums made with antioxidants hydrate your skin, but they protect it from environmental damage as well. These powerful additions to your routine will boost collagen production and scavenge harmful free radicals to prevent skin damage. The best part? They’re not just found in skincare! Fill your Summertime diet with citrus fruits, green and leafy vegetables, green tea, nuts, and whole grains to have younger-looking skin from the inside out.

Confused about where to start? Our Glow Complex serum is like a daily multivitamin for your skin. Jam-packed with a concentrated dose of anti-aging, nourishing, and skin brightening ingredients like plankton, microalgae, and brightening licorice root. Glow Complex also includes 50mg of full-spectrum CBD that’s intended to work synergistically with its hydrating + brightening ingredients and feather-light formula.

Scrub it Up

The key to smooth skin? Exfoliation! Scrub away that excess oil and remove dulling skin debris with a gentle exfoliant. Not only will it leave your skin feeling bright, but it also helps prevent those pesky summertime breakouts. Want to step it up a notch? Try using a body exfoliator brush to buff away dead skin cells all over.

Don’t get too rough with your skin, though. Over-exfoliation can cause skin bruising or even rashes. Our Start Fresh full spectrum CBD cleanser is the perfect exfoliant, great for even sensitive skin. The gentle scrubbing beads are microplastic-free, made from compressed castor oil. Good for your skin and the planet! Make sure to always follow up with a light hydrator to lock in moisture after you scrub.

Lighten up on the Moisturizers

With the temps and humidity rising, opt for a lightweight moisturizer to keep skin hydrated without weighing it down. If you live in an area with dry heat, your skin can lack moisture, especially when you’re sitting in air-conditioning all day. For many people, this can result in not only dehydrated skin, but also sensitive skin. Without that moisture, the plumpness and dewiness of your skin disappear and the fine, dehydrated lines appear much more prominent. Nobody wants that! Even if the air in your area is humid, you still need a moisturizer. Just save intense hydration, like Overnight It, for bedtime when your skin is in recovery mode.

Dew the Most is a perfect lightweight moisturizer for summer. It’s important to trap moisture and prevent the loss of it with humectants, which boost and bind moisture to the surface of the skin preventing dehydration. You also want a moisturizer that supports good barrier function by repairing and protecting the skin’s outside layer. Dew the Most does both! Always layer your skincare lightest to heaviest for maximum absorption. For the perfect summer skin routine, we suggest cleansing with Fresh Start, then using Glow Complex, Dew the Most, and finishing with SPF.

Don’t forget the SPF!

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, 1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer by the age of 70. If you’ve had 5 or more sunburns, your chance for melanoma doubles! Now, there’s a reason to never, ever skip the SPF. Even if you’re in cloudy weather or indoors, you should always have sunscreen on. It’s not just your face that needs it! Your whole body benefits from a daily SPF. Reapplication is the key to effectiveness, so make sure you’re re-upping throughout the day (experts recommend every 2 hours). There’s plenty of powder sunscreens on the market that makes it easy to apply SPF over your makeup keeping you fresh and protected.

Consistently using sunscreen can help prevent premature wrinkles, hyperpigmentation (dark spots), and skin cancer, but a small 2016 study found that daily use of broad-spectrum sun protection may also visibly reverse existing sun damage, including rough texture, lack of clarity, and hyperpigmentation. So, if you want to preserve (and maybe even improve) your beautiful self, use sunscreen or moisturizer with SPF 30—no excuses—every day.

Easy on the Shower Time

Decreasing your time in a hot shower can do wonders for your skin. Not only will you avoid drying it out, but it’s good for the environment. If you have skin conditions like eczema, hot showers can actually make them worse. Try cutting your shower down to 10 minutes (pros recommend just 5!).

If shorter showers don’t sound like your thing, consider more cold showers. They can help with sweat by lowering your surface body temperature, setting a higher threshold for perspiration. Cold showers can also help your skin lock in moisture, constrict blood vessels for reduced flushing, and help you lose weight.

Summertime Skin is In

As the temperatures change, so should your skincare routine. Adding in an antioxidant, like Glow Complex, will help protect your skin from environmental damage. Reveal brighter skin with a daily exfoliant, but keep those hot showers short! Prolonged time in a steamy shower can dry out your skin and do more damage than good.  With all that humidity in the air, opt for a lighter moisturizer like Dew the Most, and don’t forget the SPF! Skin cancer is more common than you realize, so be sure to protect your beautiful skin. With these easy tweaks and our line of CBD-powered skincare, your summer skin will be glowing and moisturized all season long.