The 5 Stages of Making Your First CBD Purchase

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The 5 Stages of Making Your First CBD Purchase

Adding a bit of CBD to your daily routine is one of the simplest things you can do to potentially boost your overall wellness. Getting started can still feel overwhelming with all the choices and noise on the market, and you might find yourself putting off a CBD wellness ritual while you try to make a decision. The good news is that once you do give our CBD a shot, you have 5-star products at your fingertips. On your way from question-asker to advocate, here are the 5 stages of making your first CBD purchase that we can all relate to.

Stage 1: Curious about CBD?

You’ve noticed CBD in magazines, editor round-ups and in lattes at your favorite local coffee shop. It can be one of those things that you kind of feel familiar with, but might not be super knowledgeable about either. People you know might use it already. What are they on to? You’re curious about how and if CBD could make a meaningful impact on whatever ails you. You have so many questions!

Stage 2: Doing your research.

You’re looking around at different CBD brands, their products, what makes them unique. but you’re looking for the brand that fits who you are. Your friends all swear by their favorite CBD product, but you’re looking for differentiators between them. You’re even starting to develop an understanding of all the offerings that are out there (isolates, full-spectrum, broad-spectrum), and if you’re the type, you may even be taking a look at documents such as lab reports. You’re looking for a blend of first impressions and secondhand experience that you’re comfortable with.

Stage 3: What’s my product profile?

Once you’ve found a brand you’d like to support, it’s time to find the right product. What do you need? Are you looking for a general wellness product, a post-workout recovery product, something to help you relax, or something to help chill out your anxious pup? Finding products that give you the flexibility, consistency, and outcomes that you’re looking for really matters when it comes to CBD.

Stage 4: The figuring-out-your-wellness-regimen part.

Finding your CBD sweet spot can take some tinkering with. Start small and work your way up, giving yourself time to see how your body reacts. Also, consider whether your CBD regimen makes more sense in the morning, or evenings, depending on what you’re looking to improve. Do you feel a difference by taking your products with a meal rather than on an empty stomach? Do hectic mornings make it hard to stay consistent, making an evening CBD supplement better for you? Finding the wellness ritual that fits your needs and lifestyle is personal, so give yourself time to tailor yours just for you.

Stage 5: You’re in a good place. And you want to share it.

Once you start to feel the positive impact of your wellness ritual, you’ll probably want to share it with your friends. Chances are, they’re as curious as you used to be. CBD impacts people differently, so the exact same product you have could help someone else you know with a completely different concern. Our customers share their personal stories and positive reviews through Instagram by tagging us and using the hashtag #wellnessinsideout. Once you’re loving your CBD regimen, you can also rack up rewards points, send referral cash to friends, and enroll in our Ritual+ monthly subscription.

Where are you on your CBD journey? Whether you’re curious about cannabinoids or a repeat customer, Onyx + Rose is here to guide you along every step of the way. Let us help you take your wellness ritual to the next level by asking us your CBD questions or hitting up our DM’s.

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