The O+R Team's 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

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The O+R Team's 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

O+R:  It’s the season for traditions. Got any gift-giving themes, games, or traditions that liven up your holiday?

Jeremy: Every year for Friendsgiving, after dinner we decorate a tree and draw names from a hat. Then we buy an ornament that reminds us of the person or that we think that they would like!

Allison: I’m always going to be a Christmas Eve girly. I love, love, love Christmas Eve. It’s less about the gifts, but I love an excuse to dress up in my own house and drink seasonal Moscow Mules. 

Hilary: There are so many traditions we have! My favorite one might be that my dad and I have been playing monopoly on Christmas Day for as long as I can remember. Other family and friends have joined in throughout the years, but it is a mandatory for me and my dad! Oh, another one is that my parents throw a New Year’s Day party every year, too! Everyone is hungover, everyone brings mimosas and bloody marys, we eat the good luck meal: cabbage, black-eyed peas, greens, and cornbread, and play left-right-center, everyone ends up taking naps all over the house throughout the day. It’s a blast. 

Leah: My husband’s family celebrates Hanukkah and my family celebrates Christmas. One of my favorite holiday traditions is to decorate for both. I love setting up a real Christmas tree and decorating it with Hanukkah-themed colors and ornaments. Our family comes together on Christmas Eve for a celebratory dinner where we always whip up some traditional Jewish dishes as well as common Christmas favorites. We have a small family, about seven of us, and typically my aunt gifts all of us gifts that go together. For example, one year she got us all berets in different colors. You can also count on me to stuff everyone’s stockings with wellness goodies like O+R CBD oils and gummies.

O+R:  Is there a gift you’re looking forward to giving (or getting)?

Jeremy: This year I scored some oven mitts for some friends and family that I had their pet’s faces printed onto and I cannot wait to see their reactions. 

Allison: I recently got reiki and now I’m a reiki-enthusiast. My brothers need some deep energy healing. They’re getting gift certificates to my reiki lady, for sure.

Hilary: My best friends and I do a gift exchange night every year and I always look forward to seeing what I get because they know me so well!

Leah: My husband and I had our first baby in January so she’s at a really fun age to experience her first Christmas/Hanukkah. Since she’s only 11 months old she likes to play with anything she isnt supposed to haha. Currently, her favorite “toys” are the TV controller, my keys, my phone charger, and the vacuum cleaner. So for her gifts, I’ve bought toy versions of keys, TV remote, and cleaning tools. Typically my family on my mom’s side draws names for a gift exchange. This year we changes it up and our doing our first White Elephant exchange. I’m wrapping up a bottle of Full Bloom+ Coffee oil for my gift.

O+R: What O+R wellness gift are you giving

Jeremy: This year I’m giving all my friends with pets some of our Paws a Moment. I’ve seen it work for my dogs, one old man and one who experienced a lot of anxiety. It worked for them and so I’m hoping to help my friend’s furry family members too! 

Allison: My mom has already told me that she would like three Overnight It’s.

Hilary: My sister is obsessed with the entire skincare line and begs me for them all the time. She’s getting the full set! 

Leah: I’m putting together O+R wellness baskets for my daughter’s teachers. They have 10 babies in their class and so they truly need help staying energized and remaining calm. So they’ll all be getting an O+R Pure Bloom CBD Oil, Morning Person gummies, as well as Start Fresh and Dew The Most.

O+R: Favorite self-care products to give or receive?

Jeremy: 👀 I'm still the biggest fan of our Blur the Lines to help me with the puffiness under my eyes. That, or our Morning Person since I don’t drink coffee in the mornings. Sweet, and helps me stay awake! 

Allison: I’m going to have to go with Hilary’s fav and say Slumber Party. Every time I hear someone say they can’t sleep, I convince them to order Slumber Party and then get a text the morning after they use them saying how they’ve had the best sleep of their lives. 

Hilary: Slumber Party gummies are mine (and my husband’s) fave product! I have trouble falling asleep and he has trouble staying asleep, but with Slumber Party we sleep perfectly most nights! 

Leah: I’m obsessed with the O+R skincare line. Before working here I wasn’t well-informed about skincare or how to take care of it. I’m happy to report that I’m now off the drugstore products and have leveled up my routine. My skin has never looked or felt better. Prioritizing a quality skincare routine is something I wish I would have learned to do sooner. My favorite products in the line up are Overnight it and Start Fresh. My Lip Crush keeps going missing and that’s because my husband keeps “borrowing” it. He swears it’s the best lip balm he’s ever used.

O+R: What’s the gift that keeps on giving?

Jeremy: I usually like to gift an experience and organize some sort of event or trip for myself and my closest friends. It’s always fun at the moment, and we usually come away with plenty of stories to talk about in the future! 

Allison: Eye cream. Thank me in 60 years when you still look snatched. 

Hilary: Time. Spend time with the people you love. Even when you don’t feel like it. Life is shorter than you think! 

Leah: Practical gifts are so underrated. Sometimes the best gifts are the gifts you need rather than the ones you want. This could be a gift certificate to get your house or car cleaned, new bed sheets, a calendar, or in my case, I welcome anyone to gift me our hard-to-find baby formula!

O+R: What’s the best gift that you’ve ever gotten?

Allison: One year, I got One Direction tickets. In that moment, I think I was astral projecting due to excitement.

Hilary: My husband and I got each other a trip to Hawaii last year if that counts 😂

Leah: Experiential gifts are always my favorite. Some of the best ones I’ve received include massages, sensory deprivation float sessions, or concert tickets. I’m also a Sneaker Head so each year my husband usually gifts me a fun pair of trendy kicks.

O+R: Last question. What do you want most for yourself?

Jeremy: A fake fireplace with a heater to roll out every year so that I have a better excuse to get all of my animals their own stockings. 

Allison: To see my self-care list on Amazon empty. ;)

Hilary: Honestly, really nice pots and pans. I’m old now 🙃

Leah: Convertible car seats! Those bad boys are expensive and we need three of them! Our baby is about to grow out of her infant carrier and it’s time to transition to a toddler car seat.