The Onyx + Rose Rebrand

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The Onyx + Rose Rebrand


The products we choose to bring into our lives aren’t just goods that serve a need and then get tossed in a drawer. They’re a reflection of our style and taste, our choices in life. They should remind us of why we love them visually, but they should do more than just sit there looking pretty. They’re an everyday part of our lives, our routines, and our commitments to improved well-being.

We at Onyx + Rose have been talking with people like you who love and share what we stand for and we’ve been listening to what it is that makes the product special for you. Those conversations inspired us to make some changes to make all of our CBD products the very best they can be – and to keep you in love with them!


Meet the redesigned Onyx + Rose, one that better reflects the things we’ve heard from you and allows the expertise, quality, purity, and compassion we put into every CBD product we offer to shine through. This is a smart, stylish part of your life and it should look like it.

So, we’re rolling out a redesign.

We’re talking everything. A fresh-new website. Cool new packaging.  Every picture, word or point where Onyx + Rose touches your life, whatever we can do to consistently engage and delight our loyal fans is going to the next level.


Don’t worry. It’s a good thing. And we’re still committed to bringing you the highest quality oils, pet products, bath essentials, and capsules anywhere on the market. That’s never going to change.

This part gets us so stoked. We’re taking a look at all of our packaging with an eye to making it all match the style and lifestyle of our customers. Every jar, bottle, and package will be getting a fresh new makeover. You choose us because you’re worth it. You deserve products that are as sophisticated as you are.


There’s more. We know you’ve put a lot of thought into your CBD purchase, and we wanted to return the favor. Inside every package, you’ll now find a customized insert created specifically for that product. Each insert is thoughtfully crafted to help you understand more about how each product works, how it’s created, and how it can be integrated into your daily regimen to give you a better sense of peace, calm, and happiness.


You’ve probably seen some new product names around our website because we’re reimagining the labels of our products to better reflect the precision, care, and thought that goes into them, and what you’re actually getting. Again, we aren’t changing the products themselves, though. You’ll still be getting the same pure, premium CBD products you’ve come to expect from us. They’ll just come with names that will help you get a better picture of how to use them, what to expect, and how you can integrate them into your routine.


Full Spectrum Oil is now rechristened “Full Bloom

Broad Spectrum Oil now goes by “Pure Bloom

Your favorite CBD balm is now the aptly-named “Bliss Balm

You can find your CBD capsules reintroduced as “Bright Side” capsules

Try a CBD “Botanic Bomb” for the bath, available in Calm, Cool, and Connected scents

That CBD pet oil your furry friend loves? We call it “Paws a Moment

And our CBD Dog Treats are now called “Slow Your Wag


We want to share with you some of the thought processes behind our refresh, from the people who are completely obsessed with getting the look of the new brand right for you and making it happen.

Chief Creative Officer, JoBeth Fink is tired of keeping it all bottled up.

I considered my own vitamin, CBD and supplement routine and wondered why I struggled with remembering to take them regularly. Then it hit me, all of my supplements and vitamins are not something I want to display on my bathroom countertop or my nightstand, so I tuck them away under my sink or in my pantry and I forget to take them. They are out of sight, out of mind.

With the O+R brand refresh, I wanted to create a more aesthetically pleasing container so that it would help our customers remember to take their CBD consistently. I hope that the design encourages people to keep up compliance with daily CBD use so they can truly experience the benefits of how hemp heals.

Insight:  Attractive packaging means people won’t hide our stuff in a drawer. Out of sight is out of mind, but part of your bathroom décor is part of your life.

Logistics Manager, Delaney Son wants to stand out in a crowd.

We took a step outside the box with our new packaging. We put a lot of thought and hard work into it. Now, when each box is opened, it has a nice reveal to it that conveys to our customers that they’re taking a step towards a better, calmer life.

Insight: It’s the whole package and the real deal. We put a better package into the hands of the best customers (ours).

Kate Stinson, Chief Marketing Officer, believes in aesthetic prowess.

Our new look is fueled by our commitment and mission to providing the best for our customers from the ingredients in our products, to the packaging they look at every day.

Insight: If it’s what’s inside that counts, what’s outside counts, too.

Nida Ahmed, Content Manager, believes in the power of a good education.

Each product is now going to include a customized insert that will help educate our customers on exactly what they’ve purchased, and how it may help them.

Insight:  When people know just how much goes into each product, they’ll know how to get more out of it.

Cathleen Samples, Social Media Editor, is glad you can see right through us. And glad we can help.

Our team genuinely believes in the power of hemp, and we’re all passionate about educating those who are uncertain about CBD. We’ll tell you every little detail about our products and processes because we don’t have anything to hide. If you have a question, we’ll answer it, and we won’t turn the answer into a sales pitch. We’re here to help women navigate their wellness journey, not capitalize on confusion.

Insight: The more of us you see, the more you’ll see what we’re all about.


You’re going to notice that we’ve put a lot of emphasis on reviews and shared experiences from our customers. That’s because we know that nobody can better explain the benefits and results of our products than the people who are using them.  Women everywhere are finding out about the benefits of Onyx + Rose products, and we wanted you to hear what they have to say in their own words.

So now you know what we’ve been up to. And we hope you’re as delighted as we are to see you.