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The Science + Style Behind Full Bloom Watermelon Heat

5 min read

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Summertime this year is different than most. Like many of you, we’re looking to the smaller things in life that spark joy and add beauty + substance to each day. When we thought about what products we could offer our customers that evoke warm memories of summers past, a watermelon flavor quickly came to mind. It’s a bright, juicy flavor that’s adored by all ages and instantly transports you to the best months of the year. We wanted to add a little edge to this feel-good flavor, and the classic combination of watermelon sprinkled with chili lime salt was a no brainer. It didn’t take long before Full Bloom Watermelon Heat was born, and we’re excited for it to become a part of your wellness ritual this season. 

Behind The Flavor 

We’re usually pretty chill (We’re a CBD company after all), but releasing a new flavor of our fan-favorite Full Bloom is kind of a big deal. Until now, this product has only been available in a mint flavor in either 1000 mg or 2000 mg options. Part of our goal for our products has always been to create high quality and great-tasting CBD products that you can trust. We’ve consistently gotten excellent feedback on Full Bloom Mint (just check out the reviews) but asked ourselves how we could turn things up a notch. Since Full Bloom products contain hemp’s full cannabinoid profile, we sought out to create a flavor that compliments hemp oil in its natural glory. Our goal? A balanced, refreshing flavor that isn’t overpowering and that you’ll look forward to taking every day. 

Why Full Bloom? 

Watermelon Heat is exclusively available as a Full Bloom formula. If you’re wondering if these products are right for you, you’re in the right place. In Full Bloom products, the full plant hemp extract that we use in each bottle is left intact and does not go through any processes to alter the composition of cannabinoids. All the major cannabinoids, including a small, legal amount of THC, are represented. If you’re someone who wants to experience the potential wellness benefits of CBD and hemp and don’t feel concerned about passing a drug test, then Full Bloom Watermelon Heat, Full Bloom Mint, or Full Bloom+ Mint are excellent options. The whole array of cannabinoids in these products are thought to play a role in promoting the entourage effect, which we broke down recently here. If the small amount of THC in these products isn’t right for you, we’ve got your back with products like Pure Bloom Mint, Pure Bloom+ Mint, and Bright Side Capsules

A Recipe For Relaxation

It was almost impossible for us not to feel inspired by the flavor combination of Full Bloom Watermelon Heat. When thinking of fun ways to maximize your summertime wellness, a refreshing, easy, and flavorful mocktail came to mind immediately. This delicious drink is easy to make and easy on the eyes and is a well-balanced blend that has the making of an instant summertime classic. Juicy watermelon, a hint of salt + heat, and a fizzy, tropical infusion set the stage for Full Bloom Watermelon Heat to really shine. Enjoy one next time you want to take a moment for yourself and want to unwind with a hangover-free drink that doesn’t compromise style or flavor. 

Watermelon Paloma Mocktail 

Makes 2 servings 


  • 1 small seedless watermelon
  • 8 oz sparkling coconut water
  • 2 ml Full Bloom Watermelon Heat
  • 4 tbsp lime juice
  • ½ jalapeño
  • Chile lime salt (for rim)


  1. Use a lime wedge on the top of each glass, then roll in chile lime salt for a salted rim. 
  2. Pour 1 cup of coconut water into a measuring cup.
  3. Slice half the jalapeño, and add the slices into the same cup. Smash down on the jalapeño slices using a spoon or pestle, and allow the mixture to seep.
  4. Juice your watermelon using a juicer or by pressing down on cubed watermelon in a colander, and divide the juice between 2 glasses.
  5. Squeeze in 2 tbsp of lime juice into each glass. Add Full Bloom Watermelon Heat and stir. 
  6. Pour a half cup of the jalapeño-infused coconut water into each glass.
  7. Serve chilled with extra slices of jalapeño and lime.

Summertime Style

We want to create wellness staples that are synonymous with calmness + comfort, and that our customers look forward to taking our products as part of their wellness rituals. Along the way, we aim to elevate your CBD experience from browsing our website, unboxing your new order, or learning how to use your products from the insert guide included with every item. We believe that when you love your wellness products, you’re most likely to use them regularly. Offering unique flavor options that make our high-quality CBD products shine even brighter is one way we’re adding a little unexpected spice + flavor to your everyday. 

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