Why You Should Choose Organically Grown Hemp

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Why You Should Choose Organically Grown Hemp

Since O+R was founded, organic farming practices have been at the root of our brand + beliefs. As people become more mindful of the effects of pesticides + other harmful farming practices, organic farming practices have become more popularized, but we’re proud to say we’ve been prioritizing the best ingredients since day one. 

Never Harmful Chemicals or Pesticides

One of the most significant benefits of using products with organically grown hemp in them is that they're free of harmful chemicals and pesticides. Organic farmers use natural methods to control pests and maintain soil fertility, such as crop rotation, cover crops, and composting. These methods protect the environment + YOU!

Better for the Environment

Organic farming practices are designed to promote biodiversity and protect the environment. By avoiding the use of harmful chemicals and pesticides, organic farmers help to reduce pollution and preserve soil health. Additionally, organic farmers often use conservation practices such as water management and the use of renewable energy to minimize their impact on the environment.

Higher Quality Products

Organic farming practices promote the growth of healthy plants that are free of disease and pests. This results in higher-quality products that are more potent and contain a wider range of beneficial compounds. Organically grown hemp also tends to have a better flavor profile, as the natural compounds in the plant are not altered by chemical additives.

Safer for Consumption

Because organic hemp is free of harmful chemicals and pesticides, it is thought to be safer for consumption. These chemicals can be harmful to human health and have been linked to a range of health problems. Our customers can be confident that when they shop O+R, they're getting the best product all around for their minds + bodies.

Supports Sustainable Agriculture

Organic farming practices support sustainable agriculture by promoting biodiversity, conserving natural resources, and minimizing the impact on the environment. By choosing organic hemp products, consumers are supporting farmers who are committed to responsible and sustainable agricultural practices.

We uphold our products to the highest standards, which is why you can count on organically grown hemp to be a key ingredient in all of our hemp products. Get your wellness ritual started today.