Working CBD Into Your Workout

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Working CBD Into Your Workout

One more lap. Five more pounds. Three more reps.

Every day, you push yourself to go a little harder, do a little more, move a little faster.

There are a thousand reasons why. Some of us want a longer, happier life. Some of us want to exceed our personal best every day.  Some of us want sweet, svelte revenge at our high school reunion. Just as there are a thousand reasons to work out, there are a thousand ways to do it. On the field, on the trail, in the gym, in the basement, on the water, in the air, the world is your exercise playground.

In fact, the only constant in all of this is what happens afterwards.  When you exert yourself, your body needs to recover. You need rest, and time to heal soreness, sprains, strains, and pulls.

Few things are as well suited to help as CBD.

A Warm Reception

As a natural enemy of inflammation and stress, CBD intake activates the CB2 receptors in the body’s immune system to help bring the relief, rest, and healing your body needs. Keeping inflammation in check can not only reduce discomfort, but it can also help the body be less susceptible to injury as you work out.

Fortunately, Onyx & Rose has a full line of products made with inflammation and recovery in mind. Even if your workout routine is low impact, Onyx & Rose CBD may still help you get more from every moment. While CB2 targets inflammation, CB1 receptors are associated with mood, sleep, and pain sensation. Activating these receptors may help your body achieve a more relaxed state that may give you more out of every workout, and help you stay rested and ready. Ongoing use of Onyx & Rose CBD may also help ward off inflammation and pain before they start.

Stay In The Zone

The benefits of full plant extracted CBD don’t stop with receptor activation. Onyx & Rose CBD contains a full array of other natural substances such as terpenes and flavonoids that work together to help keep your body’s systems in balance. For those seeking a healthier lifestyle, this means CBD may have positive effects on appetite regulation and the buildup of body fat, while helping the brain and digestive system work in harmony for better overall health. So you end up working out with a more optimized body – and a healthy body is ready to do more and recuperate more efficiently.

On-Demand and Ongoing

To maximize the benefits you get from Onyx & Rose CBD, you can create a routine that combines daily maintenance with extra benefits as needed.

Right Now:  Onyx & Rose CBD Balm can be applied as needed to sore areas and may provide relief from swelling, inflammation, and discomfort. Onyx & Rose Bath Bombs are also a great way to immerse your body in CBD extracts while letting you soak in a warm, soothing tub.

Every Day: A regular routine of Onyx & Rose CBD Capsules and Oils may help you maintain a more stress-free workout routine and recovery, which may promote optimizing your body’s internal systems.

You can find the complete lineup of Onyx & Rose CBD extract products now by clicking here.

Why Use Onyx & Rose CBD Post Workout?

Unlike a lot of CBD extract companies out there, we started our company from the standpoint of a healthier, happier lifestyle.  We are firm believers in the power CBD may have to relieve stress, promote pain relief, and restore balance throughout the body. That’s why every extract we produce is created under strict laboratory conditions to preserve maximum purity and efficacy.

We believe that CBD can help you live a happier, more relaxed, more fulfilling life. We invite you to see for yourself. And remember, if you have any questions, or if you need recommendations for which Onyx & Rose products are best for your life, we are always here to help.