The real expert in your CBD regimen is you.

CBD doesn’t have the same effects on every person. Finding your ideal intake is the best way to maximize the benefits you enjoy from Onyx + Rose products. Start with a small amount, then gradually increase your daily serving size until you experience the results you’re looking for.

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Adding CBD tincture to your wellness routine is a first for a lot of people. A tincture is simply an extract of plant material and has been used for therapeutic purposes for thousands of years. Although it may seem different and even intimidating to some, it’s pretty straightforward. Understanding how and why tinctures work helps to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your CBD.

Scientists believe that CBD may be more effective when used regularly. For anxiety, stress, and daily wellness, try adding CBD to your morning routine. To achieve more restful sleep, try adding CBD to your nighttime routine. Take CBD on a regular schedule, and open yourself up to more fulfillment, relaxation, and calm.

  • One to two droppers (17-34 mg) under the tongue is a great start.

  • Hold or swish for 60 seconds for the fastest absorption. Follow with water.

  • Microcapillaries under the tongue quickly carry CBD into your system.

The most important part of taking a sublingually absorbed CBD product, such as tincture, is to hold it under your tongue before swallowing. The area under your tongue is full of microcapillaries, or tiny blood vessels, that allow the product to absorb rapidly into your bloodstream without being delayed by digestion.


Adding capsules or gummies to your daily routine are convenient ways to stay consistent with your CBD regimen. Unlike tinctures, orally ingested CBD must be broken down by the digestive system and metabolized by the liver.

We recommend gradually adjusting your CBD intake until you feel your desired results. Most people feel the benefits of 25-50 mg (1-2 capsules or gummies) per day.

  • Start your morning or evening wellness ritual with 1-2 CBD Capsules.

  • Take one gummy 30 minutes before bed for more restful sleep

  • Enjoy the benefits of CBD all day (or all night) long. Wake. Smile. Repeat.


Topically applied CBD is formulated to be absorbed through the top layer of the skin. This means it won’t reach your bloodstream, and you can find peace knowing that there won’t be psychotropic effects.

We recommend gradually adjusting your CBD application until you feel your desired results. Most people feel the benefits of 1-2 applications per day.

  • To target achy joints and inflammation, this is the one.

  • Apply directly to the affected area and feel the soothing slowly spread.

  • Feel good inside and out. Balms are amazing paired with oils or capsules.


Just like your body has an endocannabinoid system, It has recently been discovered that the epidermis has a network of CB1 and CB2 receptors.

When these cannabinoid receptors are activated by CBD-infused skincare products, they regulate the skin’s normal function as a barrier. CBD interacts with these pathways across the epidermis and dermis for a range of regulatory functions + potential benefits.

  • Start off your AM + PM skincare rituals with our Start Fresh Cleanser.

  • Next, apply 1-2 pumps of our Glow Complex serum onto clean, dry skin. This can be used both AM + PM for a boost of hydration and nutrients.

  • During your AM ritual, apply 1-2 pumps of Dew the Most after all of your serums have been applied and have had a minute to soak into your skin.

  • During your PM ritual, swap moisturizer for Overnight It. Apply a small amount of Overnight It as the very last step of your PM ritual to seal in all of the other products you’ve applied.



CBD effectiveness can be impacted by various factors, including your height, weight, and what ails you. Age and metabolism will also play a role in determining your ideal CBD regimen. When in doubt, remember: the real expert in your CBD regimen should be you. Start small with the highest quality CBD products available. Then take time to monitor your results. Your body and mind may thank you.


17-34 mg (1-2 droppers) - Most customers report that taking 1-2 droppers has provided them with relief from stress, daily anxiety, and insomnia.

25-50 mg (2-3 droppers) - Each person’s endocannabinoid threshold is different. If lower servings don’t make you feel your best, try incorporating a higher serving into your regimen.

50-100 mg (3-6 droppers) - If you don’t feel your desired effects after 2 weeks, try bumping up your intake. Chances are, you’ll feel an improvement.

100+ mg (6+ droppers) - For those suffering from chronic or serious conditions, larger servings may make a difference.