Healthy Gut, Happy Life

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Healthy Gut, Happy Life

The most popular wellness buzzword: gut health. If you’ve been online within the past year, you’re most likely aware of the growing focus on having a healthy gut. On TikTok alone, #GutHealth has over 712 million views. Is gut health worth the hype? Yes! 

The positive impacts a healthy gut can have on the rest of your body deserves all the hype it’s getting. 

What Does Having a Healthy Gut Mean?

Inside your gut are millions of bacteria, called gut flora, which are part of the microbiome. Gut microbiomes are important to multiple systems + areas of your body. They help you digest and receive energy from food, impacting neurological functions, the heart, immune systems, and more.

How Do I Know If I Have a Healthy Gut?

There’s a good chance you already have good gut health. Some ways that you can identify a healthy gut are:

  • Regular, pain-free bowel movements

  • Having consistent energy

  • Having mental clarity

  • Having a normal amount of gas + bloating

If you have an unhealthy gut, you might experience the opposite of those symptoms and other symptoms like skin issues, moodiness, and weight fluctuations. On the bright side, achieving a healthy gut could be a few simple steps away. 

You Can Try Things Like:

  • Eating more fruits + vegetables that are high in fiber

  • Practicing healthy sleep patterns (Psst… you can try our Slumber Party gummies if you struggle with falling + staying asleep)

  • Incorporating more prebiotics + probiotics into your diet

  • Limit alcohol intake

O+R + Gut Health 

There are a few products at O+R that might help to aid in digestion. Starting with CBD products which are thought to aid in digestion. CBD has the potential to improve your body’s nutrient absorption, strengthen the gut barrier, + provide balance to the microbiome. 

Functional mushrooms have a wide variety of benefits linked back to them, gut health is just one of those benefits. We carry two varieties of functional mushrooms, but our All Access functional mushroom capsules may be able to improve gut health. Mushrooms naturally contain prebiotics, which helps to nourish + replace gut bacteria. The compounds of the mushrooms found in All Access are typically thought to be a rich source of protein, beta-glucans, fiber, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory, which support the immune system.

Your Next Steps

Just like all things relating to health + wellness, there’s not a blanket suggestion that works for each individual, since everyone is unique in their needs relating to gut health. Look for the signs your gut is getting you to decide if you need to add on to your gut health habits, or if you’re right on track.