Spring Cleaning for Your Home + Mind

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Spring Cleaning for Your Home + Mind

Spring is here (even if the weather where you live says otherwise). We like to kick off the season by practicing our annual spring cleaning habits. We don’t believe that spring cleaning is limited to just your physical space. We think that spring is the perfect time to dust off your mind + wellness ritual. Now that the sun is finally shining, let’s open up the curtains and let wellness in. 

Spring Cleaning for Your Mind

Spring cleaning in itself alleviates some stress + anxiety. There’s research that shows that starting fresh in the spring can improve your mental and immune health. Deep cleaning allows you to get rid of bacteria around your house, and the benefits of a clean space can improve your mood in general. 

But, if your schedule space this spring doesn’t allow for a full deep cleaning of your physical space, you can always tidy up your mental health. The best place to start is beginning a new habit that makes you feel like you’re turning a new leaf. 

Start a New Habit

That thing you meant to do in January? You can still do it! You don’t have to wait for a new year to welcome in a new you. Use this spring as a chance to finally start using a planner or getting into the gym. Treat April like January and get after it. 

Get Outside More

The phrase, “go touch grass,” actually has some credibility. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) peaks during the winter. One of the reasons that people experience low moods during the winter months is due to a lack of Vitamin D. Now that the sun will be out, take advantage of it. Even if it’s just around the block, take a walk. Eat your lunch outside as opposed to cooped up in your office.

Be More Mindful

Mindfulness doesn’t take much of a time commitment in order for you to start seeing positive results. You can practice mindfulness in between meetings, right before bed, or whenever you find the time. Mindfulness can look like practicing deep breathing, gratitude, or meditation. 

Reward Yourself

You made it through the winter. That’s enough of a reason for celebration. Give yourself something to look forward to. Grab that candle you’ve been eying or indulge in a new house plant, ‘tis the season. 

Start with Wellness

Need a mental break? We feel that. Wellness is our favorite place to start, regardless of what habit we’re planning on forming. For us + our customers, wellness serves as a solid backbone to support all of the other activities going on in our lives. 

One thing that you can accomplish is making a mental list of which areas of your life need the most love. You might need a new skincare routine, something to help you stop staying up so late, or a tool to meet your deadlines with ease. Or, you might not be sure where to start, and that’s okay, too! You can begin your wellness ritual with an all-inclusive tool like a CBD oil, gummy, capsule, or our All Access functional mushrooms.